Refer Your Friends & Families


Take a part in our referral program. Invite your friends and families to book a party with us & get cash back! (start from May 01, 2023)

Get $50 cash back

for a party with 12-15 adults

Get $70 cash back

for a party with 16-25 adults

Get $100 cash back

for a party with 26-49 adults

Get $200 cash back

for a party with 50+ adults

How to Redeem?

Please visit our website, go to “contact” page. Under “WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SHARE WITH US?” please select “referral.” Please fill the form with your own contact information. Then, on comment section, please enter the name of person you referred, his/her phone number, the date of booking, which State is the party booked in, and how would you like to get your cash back rewards. Direct applications through phone or email are NOT accepted.

Please note: Requests for cash back must be received BEFORE the party starts. Once we have verified them, we will contact you and issue the rewards within 48 hours after the party is over.

Ways to Redeem

(Zelle or Gift Card)

  1. Zelle: You can request to receive the cash back through Zelle once we confirmed the booking information.
  2. Gift Card: If you request to receive the cash back in gift card, we will multiply the cash back amount by 1.5. If you are planning to use this gift card within the next 30 days, we will double the cash back amount.

Zelle redemption is not available if the party is booked with other discount code. Please contact our customer support before using your cash back rewards for your next party. There are some minimum spending requirements in order to use your reward balance. THE COMPANY RESERVES ALL RIGHTS FOR FINAL EXPLANATION.


1. Send video or pictures to us

(chance to win $100 gift card)

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2. Post or repost stories about us and tag @hibachiomakase

(chance to win $100 gift card)

3. Follow @hibachiomakase

Join any giveaways and tag more friends
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